6-stage applicant selection process

Application Process

Primary Admission Process

In a multistep process the candidates most suitable for the program will be selected. The entire process is accompanied by the Institute's Equal Opportunities Officers (EQOs) to ensure a fair and unbiased procedure.

The 1st step – preselection – will be mainly carried out by the IMPRS Coordinator. Applications are checked for completeness and general match to the program. In a second step, each pre-selected application is evaluated according to pre-defined criteria by three IMPRS faculty members. Based on the evaluations of the faculty, candidates are ranked. Shortlisted candidates will then be invited for the admission interviews (travel expenses covered by IMPRS). During this event applicants will have the opportunity to get to know the IMPRS on Cognitive NeuroImaging and its participating Institutions via presentations and guided lab tours.

Candidates will be interviewed module-wise, usually by the panel their preferred supervisors belong to. Applicants are asked to give a 10-minute presentation, which will be followed by 10 minutes of discussion with the panel. The candidate’s previous research training, experiences, and research interests will be discussed. Each interview panel will rank and grade its candidates.

In addition to the panel interview, applicants will be given the opportunity to meet with their preferred supervisors in 1 on 1 meetings (accompanied by the Equal Opportunities Officers) to get to know each other personally and to discuss potential PhD projects. In the evening of day 1, there will be a social gathering, with IMPRS faculty of all participating institutions, current IMPRS students, and the applicants. The event will take place in a relaxed atmosphere and will establish a first personal contact between the students and faculty.

Following the interview days, an IMPRS Board meeting will take place during which the evaluations of each panel will be presented to the IMPRS Board. The Board then decides on the final admission to the school. Candidates will be informed about this decision, in due course after the interviews, with an official letter of admission signed by the school’s government.

Alternative, Secondary Route of Admission

In special cases where doctoral students from faculty members have been recruited with direct funding from the faculty or 3rd party funding outside the annual recruitment process, students have the opportunity to become a member of the IMPRS on Cognitive NeuroImaging by a secondary,  route of admission. The formal procedure is identical to the primary route of admission. Candidates are asked to submit their application through our online application portal and are interviewed by a panel consisting of at least three faculty members (including at least one Board member). The IMPRS Coordinator and one of the EQOs  also attend such interviews. The IMPRS Board approves admission to the school. The IMPRS on Cognitive NeuroImaging offers specific dates for flexible admissions three times per year to ensure that those students can join and benefit from the IMPRS on Cognitive NeuroImaging as soon as possible.

In total, the IMPRS on Cognitive NeuroImaging aims to recruite 20 - 25 doctoral students per year. 

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