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Phone Calls

Germany's country code for international telephone calls is  +49 ; Leipzig's city code is (0)341. When dialling a Leipzig telephone number from abroad, omit the "0" , when dialling within Germany, dial 0341 prior to the local telephone number.

Emergency Services

Fire Department/Rescue Service




On-call medical services/Nationwide medical emergency service hotline

116 117





Medical Practitioner

Before consulting a doctor it is useful to arrange an appointment. Otherwise you may have to wait in line for a while. Always bring your chip card (public health insurance) or proof of insurance coverage (private health insurance) for consultation. IMPRS CoNi is constantly updating a list of English speaking doctors. The list will be shared with you during the welcome days. If you haven't received it, please feel free to ask the  to receive this list.



Opening Hours of Shops

Normal opening hours of shops in Germany are from  9 am to 8 pm. Smaller shops often vary in their opening times. Most supermarkets are open from 8am to 10pm from Monday to Saturday. In Leipzig, the Main Train Station offers full shopping opportunities from the morning until 10 pm each day, including on Sundays and Bank Holidays (with slightly different opening hours). Although slightly more expensive, petrol stations are an alternative, as some are open 24/7.


Furniture and Second Hand Items

If you need any furniture or a bike and don't want to pay a small fortune, try second hand. The most commonly used websites are Ebay Kleinanzeigen, Kreuzer-Online, or Das Schwarze Brett. A Germany based Craig's List (in English) exists as well, but is not as popular as the American version.

TV License Fee

In Germany, all households have to pay TV license fee, even if they do not have a radio or TV set. Each household has to pay 18.36€ per month.


Why do I have to pay a TV license fee?

German public service broadcasters are financed by the licence fee. This way of funding enables media coverage independent from commercial or political interests. It also ensures that everyone has free access to information through a number of media outlets. Citizens, businesses, institutions, and public interest bodies all contribute towards the licence fee. This way, a range of program are available for those who are not able to wholly or partially contribute themselves.


Mobile Phone

In Germany you can choose between two different ways to use your mobile phone. The first would be by contract. Here, you pay monthly and usually have a 2-year contract. Mobile phone providers offer different packages, so it is advisable to compare the different offers.

Getting a prepaid card for your phone is often easier than getting a contract. You can for instance purchase a prepaid sim card in any supermarket. You should also compare the prices. Some prepaid card providers offer package deals as well.


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