Deputy Spokesperson

IMPRS Coordinator


Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig


Leipzig University


TU Dresden


Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at UCL, London


Module Conveners

Module conveners are the primary contact persons for the IMPRS Coordinator when it comes to: i) development, planning, and evaluation of the quality of the module curricular activities, ii) planning the content of the summer school (e.g. suggesting topics, speakers, organizing workshops, and poster evaluation), and iii) organization of the admission interviews of the respective module. On the other side, module conveners collect feedback from their module's faculty and communicate this to the IMPRS management.

IMPRS Faculty

Members of the IMPRS faculty are expected to participate in: the recruitment process of new IMPRS doctoral students, Thesis Advisory Committees (TAC), the summer school of the IMPRS on Cognitive NeuroImaging and teaching the core curriculum.
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IMPRS on Cognitive NeuroImaging PhD student Representatives

Three IMPRS doctoral students (at least one should come from a partneer institutionare elected as PhD Representatives for the IMPRS on Cognitive NeuroImaging. Their term of office is one year. Re-election is possible. The main task of the IMPRS PhD Representatives is be to gather PhD student’s feedback regarding their satisfaction with the graduate school itself, supervision, etc. and to communciate this to the IMPRS management. In addition, the IMPRS CoNI PhD reps will be part of the group organizing the IMPRS CoNI retreat taking place every other year.

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