German Language Classes

German Language Classes

Taking German classes during your time at the IMPRS on Cognitive NeuroImaging is voluntary, but advisable. Our PhD program is in English, but not everyone in Germany speaks English, so it might be helpful for you to learn some German. IMPRS CoNI financially supports doctoral students who are in the 1st year of their PhD to attend German language classes.

Many of our international PhD students attend German classes at Research Academy Leipzig, the umbrella organization of all the Leipzig University graduate schools. In cooperation with interDaF at the Herder Institute of Leipzig University the Research Academy offers a variety of German courses for various skill levels. The courses take place during the summer and winter semester.

However, you may also consider attending German classes at Volkshochschule Leipzig or at any other language school in Leipzg.

Are you interested in taking German classes? Please feel free to contact the  for further information.

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