Tram and Bus

Public transport in Leipzig consists of suburban trains, trams, and buses. There is a total of 13 tram lines, five suburban railway lines and 61 bus lines, all forming a reliable network en-route in the suburban areas. The operating company of tram and bus lines is called Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (LVB).

If you are registered as a doctoral student at Leipzig University, you have to pay a semester fee. This fee includes a semester transit ticket, which covers the area of the "Mitteldeutsche Verkehrsbetriebe"(MDV) and includes the LVB. Important is that the imprint “MDV“ shows up clearly on your card.


Here you find further information regarding a semester ticket at Leipzig University.


Taxis are a slightly more expensive, but a convenient alternative to tram and bus. Taxis are widely available – you can either telephone to get a taxi or also stop one directly at the street by waving. Also, there are special taxi parking places everywhere in town.
Some phone numbers of local taxi companies:


 (0341) 982222

Funktaxi Leipzig

 (0341) 600500

Taxi 4233

(0341) 4233

City Taxi Leipzig

(0341) 22224444

Taxi Heute

(0341) 4884


If you want to explore Leipzig's surroundings beyond the Leipzig Transport Services or want to visit other parts of Germany or its neighbours, like Poland or Czech Republic, you can travel by train with Deutsche Bahn.


Long Distance Bus Travel

An alternative to travelling by train is long distance bus travel. Leipzig has a long-distance bus station, which is located on the east side of Leipzig main station. The easiest way to buy a ticket is online.


Further information and tickets:

Leipzig travel





Cycling is one of the best ways to travel in Leipzig. Many streets in Leipzig have a separate cyclist lane. Many short cuts can be taken by cycling through parks, or the city forest. If you are unsure whether you want to buy a bike, try the citywide bike rental nextbike or swapfiets.

If you decide to purchase a bike, you can find bike stores all over the town:

Or you can get a second-hand bike:

Car Sharing

Due to the lack of parking space and also for environmental reasons, car sharing is getting more and more popular and possibilities have increased in Leipzig in recent years. It is a much cheaper option than purchasing or renting a car. The biggest car sharing company in Leipzig is called Teilauto. Here you choose between different plans (tariffs) with or without a monthly fee. Depending on which tariff you choose, the cost for the time you rent the car differs. Alternatively, you could register with cityflitzer, the first freefloating-carsharer in Leipzig.

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