Each year, different sources of funding will be available for doctoral positions (e.g. funding from Departments and Research Groups at MPI CBS, 3rd party funding, funding from Leipzig University). Most of the IMPRS on Cognitive NeuroImaging doctoral students will be funded through contracts based on the German TVöD, "Collective Wage Agreement for the Civil Service" and will receive compensation corresponding to 65% percent of pay group 13 of TVöD (maximum level 2), which is in 2024 around 3000 € gross per month (i.e. before taxes, health insurance fees, and fees for further social insurances).

Funding provided by Ithe IMPRS on Cognitive NeuroImaging and Leipzig University is provided for three years. Extensions must be provided by the supervisors. Positions with the IMPRS on Cognitive NeuroImaging and Leipzig University funding are awarded on a competitive basis in the context of the annual application process.

Doctoral Researchers of the IMPRS on Cognitive NeuroImaging may also come with their own funding (such as DAAD, CSC, or other scholarship foundations).

In addition, all students of the IMPRS on Cognitive NeuroImaging receive funding to attend conferences. International students can receive financial support to attend German language classes during the 1st year of their PhD. These benefits are available to all doctoral researchers of the IMPRS on Cognitive NeuroImaging  regardless from the source of their funding.

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