Faculty member

Research Interests

  • Behavioral, emotional, and neural underpinnings of the vascular risk factors hypertension and obesity and the subsequent development towards brain damage & stroke
  • Effect of brain lesions (e.g., stroke) on brain architecture (networks) and function
  • Mechanisms of (re-) learning and associated brain plasticity after stroke particularly in the sensorimotor domain and language

Available PhD projects

(1) Mind-brain-body relationship
How do heartbeat and respiration affect cognition and emotion?
=> Communication between heart and brain in health and disease (including computational models)

(2) Somatosensory system
Neural mechanisms underlying conscious and unconscious tactile perception (EEG, 7 Tesla fMRI)

(3) Translational studies

  • Treating pain with non-invasive ultrasound-based deep brain stimulation
  • Improving recovery from stroke using brain computer interface (BCI) combined with drug administration


For further details, see also the website of the department of neurology

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